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“I think that with a little bit of help anyone 

can create something magical.”

About The Designer

Lindsey Peach

Hi, I’m Lindsey and I’m here because I want to help people create beautiful things!

While I do have a Bachelor’s in Studio Art, crafting has really been a life-long passion of mine. You name it, art or craft, I’ve probably tried it. But it wasn’t until my friends started having babies that I really got into sewing.

I really have a thing for giving personal, handcrafted, functional gifts. Baby quilts were a perfect fit. I loved the challenge of creating something that would fit in with their nursery theme, but my desire to create new quilts was faster than new babies so my focus shifted towards the challenge of creating patterns.

My designs walk a line somewhere between modern patchwork and art quilts. I love combining techniques, which is why you’ll see I do a lot with both sewing and dyeing. There’s just something really exciting about creating a vibrant piece of fabric and then using it to make a gorgeous quilt.

I think that with a little bit of help anyone can create something magical.

What that looks like is going to be different for each and every person – and that’s okay! I’m a big believer that there is no “right” way to do things with crafts. As long as it works for you it’s all good!

That’s why I have a ton of tutorials for sewing and dyeing for people who enjoy the challenge of making things themselves from start to finish, hand-dyed fabrics for those who draw inspiration from color, as well as detailed patterns for those who want to recreate a design they love.

One last thing before I go – anyone else hate newsletters and popups? I don’t use them because I think in this day and age that there are better ways to keep in touch. I post about my newest blog posts on Facebook. Instagram is the place to go to see what I’m currently working on. I’m on Pinterest too! See you there!