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Beautiful Baubles Quilt

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I really wanted to give my Geode Dye + Quilt Pattern Collection a lot of versatility so I included two very different looking pieced tops.

I played around with a lot of different versions before I settled on this design for my second quilt.

Purple and blue geode dyed quilt

This more modern design reminded me of beaded jewelry, inspiring the name Beautiful Baubles. I really just thought it looked like a gorgeous bracelet softly clicking around on some lovely ladies wrist while she went about her day.

It took a little bit of problem solving to get these corners to work out, but once I figured out you can modify the stitch and flip method for rectangles, it all worked out. I’m just glad there was a solution because I hated the way these blocks looked with half square triangle corners.

Purple and blue geode dyed quilt

These blocks are extra large, using up nearly the entire fat quarter. The fabric is the star so I wanted to leave as much of it as possible intact. Sometimes you need a quilt pattern that just really lets the fabric shine.

Purple and blue geode dyed fabric on cutting board with rotary cutter

Melissa from Sew Shabby Quilting quilted this with a simple but effective design that really complimented the curves of the geode.

Wavy quilting on blue and purple geode dyed quilt

I just really love the way all these colors work together!

Blue and purple and pink hand dyed quilt swirl

If you remember the quilt backing fiasco from my Dazzling Dreams quilt you know I have a few extra hand dyed backings laying around waiting to be used. Well, I was fortunate enough that one of them was just big enough to use as the backing on this quilt! Yay for finding it a suitable use!

Blue and purple hand dyed quilt backing

This pattern collection is available in my store now! And if you love the fabric but don’t want to dye it yourself, you can check to see what I have available for purchase here. Not enough of the color you want in stock? I have limited availability to custom dye a batch just for you.

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