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The Best Way to Iron Wrinkles

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Green and blue watercolor fabric being ironed

Did you know you can iron straight out of the washer?

I can’t believe I didn’t realize I could be doing this sooner.

I was ironing this stack of recently finished fabric pieces and going through a ridiculous amount of water to steam out some stubborn wrinkles when I started wondering why I even bothered drying them in the first place. Cue the dramatic pause while the gears in my head started turning… You could probably see the light bulb go off over my head.

I’ve been wasting so much time and energy, first drying in a machine, then spending more time to iron out stubborn wrinkles. If you just do it while they’re damp the wrinkles are so much easier to iron out and it actually takes less time! Plus you dry the fabric during the ironing process.

Do you iron while damp?

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