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Crinkle Dye

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Black and white crinkle dyed fabric

Crinkle dye is a really easy tie dye technique that gives some really awesome results!

Lay your fabric out on a flat surface. Starting in the middle, bunch up the fabric.

Crumpling fabric

The key is to make lots of small crinkles – don’t just grab the whole piece of fabric and ball it up. I use one hand to hold the bunched up fabric together while I crinkle more with the other.

Crumpling fabric

Keep crinkling the fabric until the whole things is all bunched up. You should have a flatish disc shape when you’re done.

Take some rubber bands and wrap them around your fabric tightly. Keep wrapping them around until the whole piece of fabric is bound.

Crumpled fabric bound with rubber bands

Soak for about 15 minutes in soda ash solution.

While your fabric is soaking prepare your dye in a plastic squirt bottle.

After your fabric is done soaking, remove it from the solution and squeeze out as much of the excess liquid as you can.

Now you’re ready to start dyeing! Squirt the dye on until the fabric is completely covered.

Tie dyeing crumpled fabric
Saturated tie dye

Use enough dye that you can see dye dripping from the bottom of the fabric. When you’re done all the surfaces that you see should be completely covered in dye. Don’t worry, it may seem like you’ll have just completely dyed the whole thing, but as long as you have lots of nice tight crinkles you will still get many areas that stay white.

Let the dyed piece sit covered in plastic for up to 24 hours then rinse until the water runs clear.

Black and white crumpled tie dye detail photo

I used just black for this piece, but you could use more colors. Experiment and see how that changes the look!

Black and white crumpled tie dye detail photo

It makes for a pretty awesome patterning, doesn’t it?

Black and white crumpled tie dye detail photo
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