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Dazzling Dream Dye + Quilt Pattern – Silver Prints Version

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Dazzling dream dye + quilt pattern silver version

I know that not everyone is interested in dyeing fabric so I made sure this pattern would look great in any color gradient! This version the Dazzling Dream Quilt was made using a black to white gradient with fabrics that all contain bits of silver, but you can pick any gradient you like and it will still look great!

I’ve been wanting to share this version with you for awhile now, but sometimes things just get in the way!

I really wanted bamboo batting for this quilt because my husband is a sweaty, sweaty beast when he sleeps, and bamboo is supposed to have great breathability. But when I was ready to have it quilted there was a major shortage of bamboo! As in no one had any anywhere sort of shortages that have become more common in recent times. I had to just patiently wait for longarmer Cara of Sew Colorado Quilting to shoot me an email letting me know when she had more batting on the way.

Patience can be hard and we’ve all been getting a lot of extra practice over the last couple of years.

Fortunately it was worth the wait! I’m loving the bamboo batting! It’s warm enough to keep my ever-freezing body warm without overheating my sweat ball of a hubby.

Trimming quilt sandwich

I was also excited to see Cara had some star pantographs in her arsenal. Shooting stars are kind of a special symbol for me that I hold close to my heart, both figuratively and literally. I even have a shooting star tattooed on my chest. Since this quilt was supposed to be an anniversary gift for my husband I thought it would be appropriate to bring a little something of myself into it.

Detail of star quilting

Seeing as our anniversary is in July and it’s now the end of August I’d say I missed a wee bit. Fortunately he’s a patient man who also understands that I’m, shall we say, overly optimistic with my time estimates.

I picked these colors for my husband. I tease him all the time that he’s boring because his favorite color is gray. He actually likes metallic silver – which is admittedly way cooler – but it’s often hard to find so he settles for gray instead. It’s a good thing it’s fairly easy to get metallic fabric! All the fabric for this quilt has at least some silver. Too much silver? I don’t think so!

Black and white quilt top swirl

This is probably the nicest my bed will ever look!

Black and white gradient quilt on bed

Funny story: for awhile my boys were “helping” make our bed. You know, the sort of help where it’s all crooked, some of the blankets are on sideways, and you have to remake it before you go to sleep anyway. One day when my husband saw the bed he says, “Oh, I see the kids helped make the bed again today.”

Kids reading books in bed

I looked at him with a face full of mock outrage, “No! I did it all by myself!” and assumed a proud pose like the big girl that I am.

We had a good giggle and since then my husband has always been careful to ask if the kids helped instead of making any assumptions. It’s a good thing he didn’t marry me for my homemaking skills!

Kids feet on quilt

Speaking of kids, I swear every time I ask my kids to help with a photo shoot it always devolves into a wresting match at one point or another.

Kids wresting on bed

I’m happy with the results! This quilt will be much used and loved in its place of honor on our bed.

Black and white gradient quilt on bed

You can read all about the hand-dyed version of this pattern or go make your very own Dazzling Dream Dye + Quilt!

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