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Elizabeth Hartman’s Dinosaur Quilt Pattern Review

Ever since I first heard about Elizabeth Hartman I have been dying for an excuse to make one of her patterns. Everyone seems to love her designs and they’re always super cute but the right excuse never really came up. I’d thought about making one of them for myself with my free time – but really, what free time? So I’d just occasionally stalk her web store fantasizing about her quilts and just waiting for the right moment.

Baby sitting on Elizabeth Hartman's Dinosaur Sampler Quilt

Then a family member announced their pregnancy and they liked dinosaurs and I didn’t even have to think about it – I knew exactly what I wanted to make her! I grabbed up Elizabeth Hartman’s Dinosaurs Sampler and started shopping for fabric.

Fabric choices in ranges from blue to green for Dinosaurs quilt

I really love the T-Rex. He looks like he’s excitedly telling his other dinosaur friends a cool story.

T-Rex and dino friends in blue-greens

This pattern has instructions for both a large and a small quilt. The pattern is set up with the color scheme for the small quilt being more of a monotone while the large quilt is done in a gradient. I made the small quilt but I wanted the gradient so I diverted from the instructions here to do my own color scheme. Fortunately she breaks down what’s in each block so after I figured out my colors I was able to easily figure out what I would need to cut.

I worked two blocks at a time.

Two Triceratops quilt blocks in blue and green

Normally I would cut everything at the start and then do all the sewing but I was worried I would lose a lot of the tiny pieces. I did cut all the background at the beginning since that was all the same color and I was a bit disappointed that there was quite a bit of fabric waste. I understand the reason she wrote the pattern that way was because she was trying to simplify the cutting instructions and I can’t honestly say I’d do it any differently – I think it’s just a sacrifice you have to make for such an intricate quilt.

This Stegosaurus was my favorite of the bunch.

Stegosaurus quilt block in blue and green

The only real complaint I have is that a couple of illustrations were unclear. When you’re working with a block that is ¼” longer on one edge, it’s kind of hard to tell which side should be the top when the picture pretty much looks like a square. A measurement indicator on those would have helped.

Really though, I’m kind of nit-picking here to find issues with the pattern. I like pictures more than written instructions and I pieced nearly all of it based off the pictures alone. I only needed to refer to the written instructions a couple times, mostly to make sure I was using the right pieces. Both the instructions and the diagrams were excellently done.

This quilt pattern is a good challenge for your piecing skills. I discovered that I’m really good at sewing a consistent ¼” seam allowance but my diagonals could use some work.

This is a pretty complex pattern with lots of tiny pieces. It reminded me a bit of putting together a jigsaw puzzle (which is something I actually love) – so this was right up my alley! It’s probably not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. You have to proceed carefully and there’s a good chance you’ll make a few mistakes. But I really feel that the end product was worth it! I’d love to make another one of these again!

Elizabeth Hartman Dinosaur Sampler in greens and blues


  • Great design
  • Well written
  • Includes color chart with suggestions
  • Detailed cutting diagrams


  • Large fabric wastage
  • A couple of diagrams were unclear as to which side was up

Could Be Either (Depending On Personal Tastes)

  • Lots of tiny pieces in a lot of different sizes
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March 6, 2022 6:06 pm

Just bought this pattern and was looking for any tips and tricks for making my dinosaurs. That is exactly what you provided, thank you.

August 23, 2022 2:25 pm

I have a question. How little is little on the size of the pieces, can you give me the smallest piece? What size do the blocks turn out to be? I am not sure my skills are good enough for tiny pieces yet. I have only been quilting for about 2 years.

August 28, 2022 6:04 am
Reply to  Leah

I am currently cutting the fabric for the quilt. The smallest piece is 1×1 inch (the eyes of the dinos) I find the pattern is good when you have lots of extra fabric from other projects. Personally, I think her earlier patterns are better for beginners. I remember her cat pattern had less misc sizes to cut, and weren’t so small.

August 28, 2022 12:45 pm

I love that you flipped the background! I need to do 2 of these for now. All Boys. So i like the color for this smaller version. And need 1 more twin size so will need more color options. Ideas?

October 8, 2022 10:38 pm

Lindsey, I love your color palette for this pattern – do you mind sharing your fabric selections with us? Thank you!

October 9, 2022 10:43 pm

Lindsey, Thank you so much for your answer! I really appreciate the time you took to share your Dino palette and explain your thinking!

Nona Jacobsen
Nona Jacobsen
April 8, 2023 8:47 am

How do I order this pattern? i would like it in a baby crib size if possible.

July 12, 2023 9:52 am

I would like to make this quilt, but only in a crib size. Does your pattern give instructions for this and where can I purchase it from? TIA