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Galaxy Half Square Triangle Quilt

Update: This quilt inspired me to make a pattern! Read about it here or buy it here.

This is the story of some seriously unimpressive fabric.

Blotchy dyed fabric in pink and blue

I’m always trying to make improvements upon my galaxy dye process and sometimes failure happens. This fabric is the result of one of those failures. It was not deemed worthy of being turned into galaxy fabric.

But I wasn’t about to waste over a yard of fabric either. What’s a quilter to do?

Sometimes when fabric can’t stand on its own it needs a little help from some friends.

It’s still galaxy colors – just too light and blotchy. I thought pairing it with some blacks might help draw out the colors. I went with blacks that seemed “starry” to me: I grabbed up some spots, blotches, and actual stars.

Half square triangles in black and galaxy colors

Every last piece of the dyed fabric was used – none went to waste.

I’ll admit I was nervous as to how it would turn out at first, but as I got farther and farther in the process I started getting more and more excited!

Galaxy quilt sandwich

As for the finished product, well, I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Half square triangle galaxy quilt

And she has one little secret… This backing?

Constellation backing

It’s glow in the dark.

Glow in the dark constellation

Does that mean it has to be a kid’s quilt? No way! I’m sure there’s plenty of fun loving adults who’d get a kick out of a glow in the dark quilt.

Holding galaxy quilt

Honestly I kind of want to keep it but I already have too many throw blankets. We’re already at over a 1:2 ratio of people to lap blankets in this house. One person can only use so many blankets at one time!

This beauty is up in my shop looking for a new home!

Folded galaxy half square triangle quilt
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July 10, 2022 4:24 pm

I love your quilt! I would like to add a few of these half square triangle blocks to make a boarder for my grandson’s quilt. Can you tell me what size you made yours? Thank you, Paula