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Geode Dyed Sheets

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Geode dyed sheet sets

Do you ever get supplies together for a project and never get around to doing it? I bought a couple sets of white cotton sheets with the intent to dye them for my kids and they sat around for months. I had even prewashed them but then they just sat in a closet waiting for me to finally get around to dyeing them.

The kids love being able to choose colors for things like these – especially my youngest. He’s particularly against what he calls “boring colors.”  Anything neutral and he just can’t wrap his head around why someone would ever pick that color willingly.

Both wanted me to geode dye their sheets. I was kind of hoping they would want just plain old ice dye because I knew tying up two sets of sheets would take a bit of time, but they wanted geode so geode they got.

Blue and green geode dyed sheet
Green geode dye fabric closeup
Purple and blue geode dyed fabric closeup

They were pretty ecstatic to see their final sheets. Youngest squealed with excitement and asked me to put them on his bed right away. He was a little disappointed when I told him I needed to take some pictures before we could put them on his bed.

Yellow, red, and orange geode dyed sheet
Orange and red geode dyed fabric closeup
Red and yellow geode fabric closeup

Here’s what happens when you ask kids to help you with a photo shoot:

Kids running with dyed sheets

I love being able to customize things like these. Much like my son I like bright colors and it’s hard to find designs I actually like. I want to do a set for my bed now, but my husband is more of a boring color kind of guy.

Would you ever dye your own set of sheets?

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