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Geode Garden Quilt

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Because I didn’t think that two quilts were enough for the Geode Dye + Quilt Pattern Collection, this beginner friendly panel quilt top is a fun little bonus quilt. Between the three quilt tops and the six included dye recipes there’s so much versatility in this little pattern!

Green and yellow geode dyed panel quilt in front of red and orange fall foliage

Since all these quilts were focusing on the fabric I felt I had to make a version that featured an extra large piece of geode fabric. Geode Garden features a yard sized geode panel, but it also includes a second simple but cleverly dyed piece of coordinating fabric for use in the border.

When I bought the background fabric for this quilt I hadn’t even dyed the geode fabric yet. More than that, I wasn’t even sure what colorway I was going to be using for the panel, so I had to get something that I thought would work with a couple different options. In hindsight I wish I had gone with a darker green or maybe even a nice, dark, earthy brown. But sometimes you just have to work with what you have available and make it work.

Green and yellow geode dyed panel quilt in front of yellow fall foliage

The large pieces of this quilt top makes it come together super quickly. I got this one sewn in just one nap time!

Point of curiosity – am I the only one who counts their productivity in nap times, or do other people do that too?

When my toddler is awake I get a lot of “help”, so I’m not getting much work done these days.

Toddler tugging on hand dyed geode fabric

Teresa from Quilting Is My Bliss suggested this fun geometric design for the quilting which I thought was an interesting contrast to the irregular curves of the geodes.

Green geode dyed quilt with geometric topquilting

Simple tip: if you use the same dye colors for the backing you’ll have a perfectly color coordinated quilt. I even had enough left over for the binding too!

Yellow-green hand dyed quilt

Bonus: I made a few (dozen) friends at the park the day I took photos!

Canadian Geese

This pattern collection is available in my store now! And if you love the fabric but don’t want to dye it yourself, you can check to see what I have available for purchase here. Not enough of the color you want in stock? I have limited availability to custom dye a batch just for you.

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