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Geode Quilt Collection

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When I started dyeing fabrics I thought they were great but I was left wondering – what the heck to I do with them?

I created my Dye + Quilt patterns as an answer to that question.

Pink, purple, and blue geode dyed quilting fabric

My geode fabrics have been the most popular fabric in my store so I knew I had to come up with a pattern for them. My main goal was to leave as much of the fabric intact as possible so I set out to create a design that used large pieces. I also wanted multiple options so I settled on three final designs. The first two use fat quarters.

Crystal Curio

Crystal Curio geode dyed quilt in pink, blue, and purple

Beautiful Baubles

Beautiful Baubles geode dyed quilt in purple and blue

The last design uses a full yard of geode fabric in this super quick to sew panel quilt.

Geode Garden

Geode garden quilt geode dyed in greens

I’ll be highlighting each of these quilts in their own blog posts in the coming days, so check back to read about each in detail!

The pattern also include dye recipes for these six colorways to get you started:

If you’re feeling more adventurous you can create your own unique colors too!

When you pair up your own hand dyed geode fabric with your favorite quilt design you will truly have your very own one of a kind quilt! I can guarantee you’ll never see another quilt just like yours with this pattern.

The Geode Dye + Quilt Collection Includes:

  • Detailed instructions for geode dyeing
  • 6 dye color recipes to help get you started
  • 3 different quilt patterns:
    • 2 pieced patterns each in 5 different sizes
    • 1 throw sized panel quilt
  • Links to extra tutorials on finishing your quilt once your top is completed

This pattern collection is available in my store now! And if you love the fabric but don’t want to dye it yourself, you can check to see what I have available for purchase here. Not enough of the color you want in stock? I have limited availability to custom dye a batch just for you.

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