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How to Back a Quilt with Minky

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Blue star minky backed quilt

Anyone else out there jealous of those super soft baby blankets? I’ve always been a sucker for those fluffy and soft fabrics. Whenever I see minky and plush fleece in the stores I have the impulse control of a small child, needing to run over and rub my hands all over them. Sometimes I hug them while lovingly caressing them. Whatever makes you happy right?

This is the time of year the stores have all sorts of fluffy and soft blankets and pillows and the last time we were shopping I’m not sure whether I or one of my kids was feeling them up the most.

There’s nothing better than snuggling on the couch under a cozy blanket and minky isn’t just for baby blankets! Today I’m sharing some tips so that you can successfully back a quilt with it!

Backing a Quilt with Minky

Preparing for Sewing

  • Don’t prewash.
  • Either use a low loft batting or just skip it all together.
  • Keep your vacuum or lint roller handy when cutting. I find if I vacuum along the edge immediately after cutting I have very little mess.
  • Use only a single piece for the back.
  • Spray baste is a good option to prevent the fabric from shifting when sewing. However it’s spendy. I was totally planning on buying some with the expectation it would be a little expensive, but it was way more than I expected (and because I’m cheap!) I decided to move to plan B (pins) instead.
  • If you use pins, use lots and close together. 1 to 1 ½ inches apart is good.
Pins in galaxy fabric
  • I like to pin on carpet because it helps hold the fabric in place while I’m pinning. Hard floors tend to allow things to shift while I’m trying to pin.


  • Use a walking foot.
Walking foot topstitching on minky backed quilt
  • Use a 90/14 needle.
  • Use a longer stitch like 3.0 – 4.0.
  • Try not to stretch or pull the fabric as you’re sewing. It can be hard because the fabric is heavy but it’s worth it to work slowly and keep moving the fabric so you can feed it through evenly.
  • Use a large and simple quilting design. The more stitching you have, the less fluffy it’ll be. It will also drape better with less stitching.
Blue star minky with meandering quilting
  • If you have a fabric with a longer pile (aka the fuzzy bit), you can use the end of a pin to gently pull them out of the stitching if they get caught.
Using a pin to remove stuck pile from stitching


After we went through all that trouble to make an awesomely soft blanket, we want to make sure we don’t ruin it, right? There are a few important care tips to keep it like new.

  • Always wash cold on gentle cycle.
  • Air dry or machine dry on low.
  • Never, ever iron.

Now all that is left is to curl up underneath on a comfy couch with a good book or some hot chocolate (whichever you prefer)!

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