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How to Hang a Mini Quilt After it’s Bound

Broken heart mini quilt hanging on wall next to orchids

This is the first mini quilt I’ve made. I knew I would eventually hang it on the wall but I just really wanted to get it finished so I took the attitude of I’ll just figure it out later.

Well, later came and I learned that it’s so much simpler just to add the pockets for hanging before you bind the quilt. Whoops! Fortunately harder doesn’t mean impossible. You can still add pockets if you’ve already bound your mini quilt – it just involves a little bit of hand-sewing.

Hand sewing is pretty much my least favorite sewing thing ever, so this experience was great incentive to figure out all the parts before barreling along next time.

How to Add Pockets to a Mini Quilt After Binding

Start by cutting two squares of fabric approximately 4 ½”. If you’d like the pockets to blend in pick a fabric color similar to your backing.

Press the squares right sides together diagonally, forming a triangle. Sew a ¼” seam along the raw edges, leaving about a 2″ gap along one side. Back stitch at the beginning and end of each seam.

Clip the corners. This helps reduce the amount of fabric bunched in the corners. Make sure you don’t accidentally clip the stitching!

Turn right side out. Fold the raw edges in at the opening. Place the triangles in the top corners of the quilt just inside the binding.

Hand stitch along the edges closest to the quilt edge. Make sure you stitch through the triangle and the quilt backing, but be careful that you don’t go all the way through to the front. You wouldn’t want any stray stitches showing up on the front of your quilt.

Hand sewing pockets on back of mini quilt

Now you have these nifty little pockets on the back of your quilt that you can easily slide a wooden dowel or stick to help hang your quilt. Mine was small and light enough that a wooden skewer was a perfect fit!

Wooden rod on back of mini quilt

Then all that is left is to find the perfect place to hang your beautiful creation!

Broken heart mini quilt hanging on wall next to orchids

This quilt is titled Mend My Broken Heart and it’s available now in my store!

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