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Living In Interesting Times

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I find myself thinking of this phrase often lately. I really would be fine with boring and uneventful, but 2020 really seems to have other things in mind.

We’re officially under quarantine to limit the spread of COVID-19, or as my state is calling it, “Stay Home, Stay Safe.” Schools have been closed for a couple weeks now. Being natural homebodies we aren’t having much of an issue with keeping busy inside the home, though it’s been hard not having a decent place to let the kids run around to burn off some of their excess energy. We’re having to make do with a couple walks a day.

I’m very grateful that we’ve been as fortunate as we have during these difficult times. We still have food, a roof over our head, and none of us has gotten sick.

But have any of you ever noticed that things always seem to happen all at once?

On top of everything happening globally, I also have a major personal life change coming… I’m pregnant! Unfortunately this is a really weird and stressful time for that.

When just a few months ago my biggest worry was losing my crafting space for the nursery, now I have to worry about putting myself at risk every time I go to my prenatal appointments (when they aren’t being outright canceled) and if my husband will even be allowed to be present for the delivery. I hope I don’t go into labor while the hospital is overfull. Babies come when they are ready to come, global pandemic or not.

Blue mountain accent wall in nursery
The mountain accent wall in the nursery

I have been trying to keep my mind off of things by working through some projects that I’ve had laying around, but I have to admit I’m getting a lot less done with the kids being home full time. I’ve never been good about staying focused when other people are around plus now I have to work homeschooling into my daily schedule which cuts my sewing time at least in half.

I currently have a few baby related projects that I’m trying to get done, but I also want to start working through my fabric stash. Since the baby is taking over my old sewing space all my fabric and dye stuff is piled up in a corner of my bedroom – and there’s a lot of it. I need to pare down the excess but I have a few weird pieces of fabric that I have no idea what I’m going to do with. Anyone have any ideas for some long haired faux fur or blaze orange spandex?

I find when there’s a lot happening outside of my control (and oh boy is there a lot of that going on right now), it helps me to focus on something I can actually control. Right now that’s my sewing and dyeing.

What about you? What projects are you using to keep your mind off of everything else that’s going on?

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane out there.

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