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McCall’s 7219 Infant’s Bunting Pattern Review

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I don’t know why it’s so hard to find baby sleep sacks in anything other than the smallest size but with my jumbo baby’s toes squishing at the end of their sleep sack I was desperate for something bigger.

I really didn’t feel like having to do much thinking so I grabbed up McCall’s Baby Bunting pattern (M7219) and ordered some cute fleece.

M7219 pattern cover

This is a really quick and easy pattern – so much so that I’ve made six baby bags in various sizes already. (Not all for me. Don’t worry, I don’t have a baby bag hoarding problem!) Most of them were view A, sleeved, but without the mitts. I think the mitts would end up being too bulky when using the recommended fleece, but it might work better with an alternate cotton knit fabric.

Forest and dinosaur baby sleep sacks

I even made a sleeveless (view B) quilted version! Remember that baby wrap I made a while back that my baby hated? Well, I figured out how to repurpose the fabric and made a baby quilt bag.

Blue and green ice dyed quilted baby sleep sack

To make this version I took some of my scrap batting and used spray baste to affix the jersey fabric to each side. Then I quilted simple little squares before cutting out the pattern pieces and sewed it together according to the directions.

Quilting on baby sleep sack

The hardest part of this pattern is sewing in the zipper. My one complaint is that there isn’t a tab to cover the zipper pull so I stole the pattern piece from my M7039 Infant Jacket pattern. I really do feel that is something that should have been included.


  • Simple and easy
  • Clearly written instructions


  • No zipper tab included

Sometimes quick and simple can be really addicting. You might just find yourself making baby sleep sacks for everyone you know!

Baby sleeping in sleep sack
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