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Mend My Broken Heart Quilt Pattern

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Pink broken heart bandaged

Sometimes in our lives something happens that hurts us so deeply that we never fully heal, leaving us with a wound in our heart that stays with us for the rest of our life.

This quilt design is a representation of that pain and the genuine attempt to mend despite knowing that we will never quite be the same after.

Healing does not mean forgetting.

Healing does not mean no scars.

Pink broken heart bandaged with pieces falling

This design is going to mean something different to each person.

For me, that ever burning hole in my heart came at the cost of babies I never got to meet. I suffered two miscarriages – an unfortunate event that sadly affects more people than we often realize – and I often think about the people they could have grown to be. Over time I was able to move past that loss, but it will never be completely gone.

There seems to be an endless supply of cute and happy heart quilts but nothing to truly represent those who feel a bit broken-hearted. I designed this for those who are looking for a way to express that feeling.

Mend My Broken Heart quilt pattern is now available for download.

Sewing binding on pink and gray quilt

It includes instructions for four sizes:

  • Mini 14″ x 18″
  • Throw 56″ x 72″
  • Twin 70″ x 90″
  • Queen 91″ x 117″
Mini broken heart quilt hanging on wall

The yardage requirements are listed below:

The fabric I used for the heart was Wilmington Batiks Swirly Dot Dark Pink.

Close up of broken heart quilt

Grays can be surprisingly hard to match because they can have either a warmer or cooler color cast. I went with Kona Cotton neutral grays (from lightest to darkest) – Medium Grey, Coal, Charcoal, and Black. They worked beautifully together.

Black and gray corner of quilt

As an added bonus this quilt pattern comes with a quilt back pattern!

Heart strip on back of quilt

This quilt really had the feel of an art quilt so I wanted to make sure it got a little bit extra special attention. For the first time ever I decided to send out a quilt to be longarmed. I gave Kristin of Kristin VanKampen Quilting free rein on this quilt and I wasn’t disappointed! She took special care to give every section its own texture. I think the quilting on the bandages are my favorite.

Quilting texture close up

I think I’m sold on the whole idea of sending quilts out for longarm quilting. I didn’t have to struggle with quilting on my teeny-tiny machine, freed up a bunch of time to work on my next pattern, and had way cooler designs than I ever could have done! I don’t know that I’ll be going back to quilting my own.

Mend My Broken Heart quilt pattern is available for download now.

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