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Procion Dye and Jacquard Textile Paint Washability Test

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I had some test samples left over from my flower wrap skirt and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to really see how procion fiber reactive dye and Jacquard’s textile paint held up over time!

The dye was applied using a painting method and the paint was stamped onto the fabric and heat fixed.

Then I washed it. A lot. 50 times to be exact and I didn’t hold anything back. Anytime I was running a load of wash I threw in my test piece. Hot load of towels with bleach? In it goes! Washing out some freshly dyed pieces? Toss it in too! I did not take it easy on this sample piece – I really wanted to see how it would hold up to some intense washing conditions.

Here’s the result:

Purple dyed flowers over green before and after washing 50 times

As you can see, the color has faded a little bit and the paint has worn off in some spots, but considering it went through 50 fairly strenuous washes, I’d say it held up pretty good.

The areas where the paint was applied the thickest held up the best with the least amount of fading. I was actually surprised at how well the paint stayed after that many washes. I had expected more to wear off.

For the dye, while all of it faded slightly, I thought it was interesting the green took on more of a yellow tone after all the washing.

Now I obviously wouldn’t recommend washing it on hot with a high agitation for your normal washing routine, but say a small child or pet has an accident and you really need to wash it on hot once, it’s probably going to be okay.

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