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Procion Dye Safety

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Are you concerned about safety when dyeing? As long as you use common sense, procion dyes are relatively safe to work with.

1. Don’t eat the dyes.

This really should be a no brainer, but don’t eat the dyes. It also means that you should have dedicated tools and supplies for your dyes such as measuring cups – no using them to measure dye chemicals and then using them to bake cookies. Also make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after you’re done dyeing.

2. Wear your protective gear.

You should wear a dust mask when working with the powdered dye so you aren’t breathing in the super fine dust particles. Wear gloves to protect your hands. The dye itself isn’t too harsh on your hands but it will stain you. The soda ash on the other hand is pretty irritating and drying to the skin. If it comes into direct contact with your skin, wash with warm soap and water immediately.

3. Dye is messy.

Do not wear nice clothing when dyeing. Do not dye over your nice white living room rug. Wear grubby clothing and dye in an area that’s easy to clean. Make sure you wipe down your whole work area with a damp cloth when you are done – those tiny dye particles aren’t always visible to the naked eye. If you have an area where the dye is stubbornly leaving color try using a mild bleach solution.

4. Keep supplies away from children and pets.

If they cannot be trusted to follow #1-3, they should not be near the dyes. So that toddler with an obsession of licking everything? Keep them away while you dye.

You really have much less to worry about with procion dyes than many other household chemicals.

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