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Sewing A Rectangle Triangle into a Corner

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When designing my Geode Dye + Quilt Pattern Collection I wanted to put half rectangle triangles in the corners of my blocks, but I also wanted to keep the geode fabric completely intact so I didn’t ruin the hand dyed design. I’ve done half square triangles in the corners before and thought this would be the same – but then when I started writing the pattern I realized it wasn’t going to quite work the way I thought.

For square triangles, you simply sew along the diagonal, trim, and press. If you try that with a rectangle, well, just look for yourself what happens:

Not quite the look I was going for… I prefer my blocks to be, well, block shaped.

At first I thought I’d have to redesign my whole quilt pattern but then I discovered with a simple flip and twist you can sew perfect rectangle triangles too!

How To Sew Rectangle Triangles Into Block Corners

Align the rectangle in the corner of your larger block. Both fabrics need to be right sides facing up. This is super important!

Rectangle in corner right side up

Line up the ¼” mark on your quilting ruler with the diagonal corners of the rectangle.

1/4" line of ruler on rectangle corners

Trim along the ruler to cut the outside triangle off. Discard this piece.

Trimmed rectangle triangle

Flip the inside piece right side down and rotate, aligning the cut edges so that the diagonal corners of the triangle touch the edges of the larger block.

Draw a diagonal from corner to corner on the triangle piece.

Flipped, rotated triangle with line along diagonal

Sew along the diagonal line.

Sew along the line


Rectangle triangle pressed

Easy, right? Using this method you can put triangles of any shape and size in your corners.

Block with rectangle triangles in all four corners

Here’s what the finished quilt looked like:

I love this look – and the different possibilities for blocks is endless!

You can pick up your copy of the Geode Dye + Quilt Pattern Collection now!

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