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Sewing Triangles into Block Corners

I didn’t want to cut my hand dyed geode fabric into lots of pieces just to put a triangle in the corner so I couldn’t use the traditional half square triangle method for this piece.

When you want to sew a triangle into a corner of a larger block while keeping the larger block intact there’s a simple method to do that. It’s called the stitch and flip method and it’s super easy to do!

With right sides together, align the smaller square in the corner of the larger piece.

Square set in block corner

Draw a diagonal from corner to corner on the back of the small square.

Diagonal line on background square

Sew along the diagonal line. Trim away the excess fabric.

Diagonal sewn and trimmed

If you want to reduce waste, before trimming you can sew a second stitch ½” away from the first and you get a bonus half square triangle!

Press, then you have your finished block. That’s really all there is to it! You can use this method an all sorts of different shapes and sizes to make an infinite number of combinations!

Corner triangle flipped and pressed

And with a slight modification you can use this method with rectangles too – really allowing you to create an unlimited number of blocks.

Geode fabric block with triangles set into opposite corners

Here’s what the finished quilt looked like:

If you’d like to make one of your own, the Geode Dye + Quilt Pattern Collection is now available!

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Megan Zeman
Megan Zeman
November 7, 2021 7:00 pm

I just love your dyed geode fabrics! Gorgeous