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Star Quilting

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This Glorious Galaxy Quilt is going to be a gift for a special someone so I wanted to quilt it with something special!

Glorious Galaxy Quilt corner

I do all my quilting on my tiny little domestic machine. I’ve tried free motion quilting, but it’s just really hard to move the quilt around under its tiny arm, so I really prefer to quilt with my walking foot.

This quilt really needed stars.

Star quilting

I’m not really good at sewing stars freehand so I printed off some templates in two different sizes and cut them out.

Star template on paper

Using a bit of masking tape on the backside to stick the templates to the quilt, I used the cut out stars as a guide for my quilting. I just eyeballed what I thought would look good, starting from one end of the quilt and sewing in rows down to the other end.

Star templates on galaxy quilt
Sewing around start template

Each star was connected with a simple free-form line. I just kept moving the star templates as I moved along the quilt, alternating between the big and small stars.

While it gave the quilt a really cool look, it took forever to sew. Even though it is mostly straight lines, the time consuming part was having to constantly turn the quilt (with the needle down to keep it from shifting) at every new line in the star. This quilt probably took me five times longer to quilt than if I had used a simple quilting method.

Glorious Galaxy Quilt corner and backing

While I love the idea of making an entire quilt from start to finish, I’m really starting to think hard about hiring a long arm quilter to do the quilting part for me. It is so time consuming and taking time away from designing new quilts!

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