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intermediate dyeing

Crinkle Dye

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Crinkle dye is a really easy tie dye technique that gives some really awesome results! Lay your fabric out on a flat surface. Starting in the middle, bunch up the fabric. The key is to… Read More »Crinkle Dye

How to Spray Dye

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I love trying out all sorts of different dye techniques to see what kind of effects I can make. By using a spray bottle to add tie dye over a freezer paper stencil you can… Read More »How to Spray Dye

Watercolor Drip Dye

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Anyone else get irritated with the quality of women’s clothing vs. men’s? So many of the women’s sweatshirts are so thin I’m not sure how they get away with calling it a sweatshirt. I’m a… Read More »Watercolor Drip Dye

Sunset Dyed Tank Top

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We really lucked out with the view from our balcony. We have this perfectly framed view of Mt. Hood year-round. It’s so amazing. Some mornings I sit at the kitchen table, sipping tea, taking advantage… Read More »Sunset Dyed Tank Top