The Secret to More Vibrant Turquoise when Ice Dyeing

Once you’ve ice dyed enough you’ll start to notice trends with certain colors. Turquoise in particular is really hard to get a nice, bold color using this technique. Most of it washes out.

Fortunately this is a really easy fix!

All you need is some additional soda ash!

Just go through the normal ice dye procedure as normal: soak the fabric, layer the ice on top, and sprinkle the dye over the ice. Then all you need to do is sprinkle some more soda ash on top of the dye and ice and let it do its thing! It really is just that simple.

Check out these two pieces of fabric: the one on the left was dyed with the additional soda ash and the one on the right was dyed normally.

Turquoise with extra soda ash and without

Look at how much darker it turned out!

So if you want more turquoise color to come through in your ice dye, throw some extra soda ash on top!

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February 27, 2020 8:18 pm

Do you think this works for other colors that have turquoise as a component color?

Great blog btw! Really informative.